Quality Guarantee

Not all Chinese made Products are equal. (Whether it be Adult, Teen, Youth, or Kid ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, or Motorcycles) There are 3 degrees, or "runs" of production on these units. Basically there's first shift, second shift, and third shift workers.

The first shift, or "1st run" units are built by the most skilled workers. They have worked for the factories the longest, resulting in a very low number of defects because of the attention to detail. These "1st Run" units are sent to the companies who do the largest importing volume of these products, there is more quality control over the parts that go into the units, better carburetors, starters, coils, electrical parts, thicker grade of steel in the frame, better weld points etcÂ… More volume = More Quality Control (We only deal with these large importers)

The second shift workers or "2nd run" products are a medium grade of quality because production steps up a little faster. Workers are not as skilled as the first shift.

The third shift workers make the "3rd run" units, the workers on this shift are getting paid on how many units they can put out by the end of the day (and they are just slapped together it seems)....resulting in a product that is hard to assemble because the parts don't exactly line up. (You literally have to bend some of the metal parts to get things to line up properly) They're not made to last. They end up with numerous defects. Some you can see, but in most cases, you don't find out until you ride it a few times. These workers are the new hires, most of them start at the factory as steel cutters and welders making the steel crates that the bikes are shipped in.

These 2nd and 3rd run bikes are the ones sold either on road sides, on eBay, or at the flea market. But the problem is, you can't find the guy who sold it to you after it breaks due to defects. Some companies sell 2nd and 3rd run units online and only offer a short warranty period - 30, 60, or 90 days or even try to sell you a longer extended warranty

We have a real “brick & mortar” store, as well as an online website for customers who aren’t near us. You can meet us, face to face, see the quality, buy with confidence, and come back for parts or service if you need it in the future. You can call us if you have questions. We offer a full 3 year warranty online and in our retail store. We don’t have to worry about customers coming back to us with problems, because we are confident in what we sell. If you run across a website that you are not sure is selling 1st run products or not, try to call them, most won’t even answer the phone. And many do not have retail stores, they just sell online, which means that they have never even assembled or ridden what they sell, they just have it drop shipped to you. When they don’t answer, or if they don’t even know if they are selling first run products or not, just call us, we have had dealings with many of them, they call us for parts all the time. We can tell you most of the time exactly what they are selling.


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