Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does ATA-110B mean?

    Well, it's a model number to help our staff out. The numbers do not necessarily reflect the engine size. For engine size, please refer to the spec sheet on the ATV's page.


  2. What size ATV should I choose for me?

    The most accurate way and safe method would be the most old fashion way. Grab a yard stick or a tape measure! We post the exact dimensions of each ATV on the description page. It will always be read as Length x Width x Height in inches. From farthest front point to farthest rear point, from ground to the tallest part of every ATV, the top of the handle bars. We even post foot rest to seat heights! So measure the ATV as if it were at your side. That way you can always be sure to know EXACTLY what size ATV or Go Kart you are getting.


  3. What assembly am I going to have to perform when I receive my ATV?

    Uncrate your ATV

    Atatch the wheels

    Adjust the handle bars to a position comfortable for the rider.

    Connerct your Battery

     Note: Each ATV comes with a tool kit for the entire set up, including a battery charger. 

      Whole set up should take an average person anywhere from thirty minutes up to an Hour and a half to complete. There is also a DVD instructional video that walks you thru the entire setup process. (it Also has a safety rider video)


  4. What general maintenance is required for ATVs and Go Karts?

    There will always be oil changes, lubricating of movable parts, tightening of bolts and CONSISTANT INSPECTION to be safe on an any ATV regardless of manufacturer. Remember these are all powerful machines just like a car, and must be handled with the same respect and care.

    And since all of our engines are 4-stroke and carburated, you will need to clean the bowl of your carb and adjust the idle and fuel mixture screws. I know that sounds SCAREY, but NO WAY! All of this is a matter of turning a few screws left and right until the ATV runs smooth. Check our our GUIDES section for pictures of a carburetor and how simple it is to adjust or CALL our live tech service to have someone explain it to you.


  5. Where are these ATVs made?

    Our products are all manufactured and engineered in China.


  6. Do the headlights work?

    Of course! These are REAL ATVs, with fully functional headlights and taillights with bulbs or LEDs just like your car.


  7. How fast do they go?

    Depending on weight load:

    110 cc : up to 30 mph (can be governed down to 1-2 mph)

    125 cc: up to 35 mph (can be governed down to 1-2 mph)

    150 cc: up to 45 mph

    250 cc: up to 55 mph

    300 cc: up to 60 mph


  8. How do I get my ATV registered in my state if I want to ride in a state park?

    You will need your Bill of Sale and the Manufacturers Statement of Origin that comes with the ATV inside the crate. Take those to your local DMV and they will be able to register you and supply your title.


  9. Why are your prices so low?

    We have direct access to multiple warehouses nationwide which gives us a competitive advantage over others working through just 1 supplier.


  10. Can you match another company's low price ?

    Yes. We will match any competitors price for the same model if we offer it. Just show us who offers it for less.


  11. Where do you ship to?

    We ship to anywhere within the continental USA for absolutely FREE!


  12. Is ordering online safe?!

    Online orders are processed through My Virtual Merchant online processing, uses all the necessary security measures to protect your personal information.


  13. What form of payments do you take?

    We take most common form of payments, such as:

    Money Orders
    Direct Deposit
    All Major Credit/Debit Cards



  14. Do I get a Receipt?

    You will get a Bill of Sale receipt upon request and we'll send it to you.


  15. How long before my order is shipped out?

    Orders take about 24 hours to process and get a tracking number(emailed to you within 4 days of shipping), and usually ship within a max of 48 hours. Usual shipping times to the southern states is 5-7 business days. Deliveries to northern states take 8-10 business days. For extremely rural deliveries (way out in the desert, country, or mountains) add at least 24 more hours for delivery. Also remember IF THERE IS A BLIZZARD OR HURRICANE FORCE WINDS IT IS NOT SAFE FOR THE DRIVERS TO PERFORM DELIVERIES and that may delay your shipment.


  16. Is shipping really free?

    It really is! We deliver TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS 100% FREE!


  17. Do you deliver all the way to my home or do I have to pick my unit up at the shipping terminal like some other websites make customers do?

    We deliver ALL THE WAY TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS for absolutely NO CHARGE! We know other websites claim "free delivery" only to let you find out later that its actually $50-$99s extra or you will need to travel sometimes 40+ miles with a truck to pick up your unit at the terminal. NOT US, ITS ALWAYS 100% ALL THE WAY AND 100% FREE. Your unit will even come on an ODFL truck with a lift gate so NO HEAVY LIFTING, the driver will move the crate for you!


  18. Will I get a tracking number?

    Heck yeah! We don't expect you to sit and wonder where your unit is. When your payment has funded to our acct, your unit will ship. They day after it ships, your tracking number will be available to us and we'll shoot it to you via e-mail. 

    All ATV shipments can be traced through the website of the shipper. We will give you this info along with your tracking number.  Your unit will be shipped insured. We use major freight carriers like. Fedex Freight, UPS Freight, Old Dominion Freight, and others.


  19. What type of warranty comes with my ATV?

    Your New Unit includes a FREE 30 day warranty. If you find that there is a defect in your product, contact us. Your warranty includes Engine and engine components as well as the transmission and gearbox. It does not cover: Shipping costs to send unit back to us, Filters, Hoses, gaskets, lubricants, wires, standard wear and tear, battery, cost of third party labor, or tools required to perform labor, crashes, vandalism, fire or theft. Warranty is only effective if 1) Product is completely and correctly assembled, including checking all bolts and screws for tightness. 2)Product is used for intended purpose. 3) Product is maintained and adjusted accordingly.  


  20. What are the most common issues these ATVs encounter?

    Since you are getting a product directly from the manufacturer BRAND NEW understand that our Service Techs have never inspected your ATV. These units travel thousands of miles over the course of a couple of months to reach you.

    Although following the ATV Checklist GREATLY REDUCES the chance of something going wrong, there are some things you should know about.

    This is where we differ majorly from any other website that sells these types of units. We're going the be HONEST with you, IMAGINE THAT?!

    As with almost 100% of all Chinese ATVs regardless of manufacturer there seems to be three issues that pop up (most of the time within the 1st 3 months and that's why we give you that 3 month warranty with every purchase!)

    These are SUPER EASY FIXES that sometimes scare people because they will cause the ATV to either not run correctly or not start.

    The most common problems are going to be:

    1. Carburetors: (10-15 minute replacement for someone who isn't a mechanic with just a screwdriver) . They have an anti corrosion agent to keep parts from rusting inside that sometimes will leak down into the bowl or tubes of the carb causing the floats or tubes to stick shut, usually a simple cleaning and emptying of the bowl fixes the issue, but if it doesn't DON'T WORRY we can ship you out a brand new carb for no charge.

    2. CDI boxes: (5 minute replacement for someone who isn't a mechanic) These are crucial to maintaining consistent starting power to your ATV. It's a small black box 2" x 3" x 1" thick, located under the seat of your ATV. Simply unplug the old CDI and Plug in the new one.

    3. Ignition coils: (10-15 minute replacement for someone who isn't a mechanic)
    Same story as with the CDI box, the ignition coil brings spark to your ATV or Go Kart. Another easy pop off/pop on fix.


  21. I need help working on my ATV what should I do?

    In the famous words of the Hitchhiker's Guide: DON'T PANIC!

    These are simple machines and very easy to work on so chances are with the simple tools we provide you with in the crate you can do just about anything to get up and running yourself.

    1. Check out the trouble shooting and set up guides we have on our website at the top section under "Guides". These are EXTREMELY HELPFUL and provide easy to read text and even pictures that show you what to do.

    2. If you need help beyond the trouble shooting guide just give our Parts and Service Techs a call. Each member of that team has over 20 years experience working on small engines (and even big ones too!) and can usually diagnose your problem over the phone. They can even walk you through the entire process!

    3. If you just don't want to mess with doing the work yourself, or don't have the time we can recommend a small engine repair shop near you and even get in touch with the mechanics for you. Our warranty DOES NOT COVER LABOR but if you give us a call (remember our Techs have been doing this for a long time) and we can tell you what a shop should charge you for the service they are performing, that way you know you aren't getting scammed by the repair shop. General parts replacement costs anywhere from $30-$75 total.


  22. How do I go about getting a replacement part?

    If you need a part replaced just let us know and we can send out the new part. You may be required to send back the defective part or supply us with pictures so that our Service Techs can make sure we are getting you the CORRECT PART. It's a waste of time and money for YOU and US to send out incorrect parts so work with us so we know exactly what's wrong and exactly how to fix it and everybody can be happy.


  23. Do I have to mix gas and oil for fuel?

    NO, all our ATVs and Go Karts have 4-stroke motors, which means you will be using ONLY GAS just like your car. 87-93 octane is perfect for these machines.


  24. What type of engine oil do I use for my ATV?

    Standard 10w40 or 15w40 works best.

    Don't forget the ATV Checklist that has important information about changing your oil before your first ride to ensure safety and full functionality of your BRAND NEW ATV.


  25. What is the return policy?
    Ok, here's where you really get to know who you're doing business with! So let's be real! We sell all of our products at wholesale pricing and include the shipping cost in the price of each unit. So "undoing" a sale can be costly, but we of course want you completely satisfied. If you wish to "undo" a sale, then just return it to us within 7 days of the day you sign and accept the unit, paying the total shipping cost to and from your delivery and pick up points as well as a 25% restocking fee. After that 7 days there is no option to return your unit for any reason. If there is an issue with your ATV let us know and we can get you tech help and any part you need to repair your unit. Be sure that you look at the descriptions of the units as well as read over ALL of the warranties and policies that are posted clearly on the website before you purchase. By purchasing anything from the website you agree to follow all warranties and policies posted. That sounds fair, doesn't it? Why do we do it? You know by now don't you? - because it's the only way to do business!

    We pay to ship a unit to you, because even though shipping is free to you it's not for us, so simply changing your mind and returning a unit can cost anywhere from $50-$400 depending on which unit you've purchased and how much it weighs.

    We want you to be happy with your purchase so we post all of our warranty and other policies at the top of our web page available to view at anytime with NO FINE PRINT or hidden costs anywhere.
    We're getting you an amazing deal on an ATV and even shipping it for free so understand returning your unit just because you think it's too big or small, don't want to replace a part or because your dog is scared of it will cost only as much as it costs us to ship the unit and restock it.


  26. I've tried replacing parts and nothing seems to work and I am still under warranty, am I just stuck with a useless ATV?

    NO WAY! If you have followed our warranty policy and done trouble shooting with us and tried to replace a defective part you have held up your end of the bargain. We appreciate you sticking to your agreements and just like any HONEST company would we can offer you TWO options:

    1. Return the ATV and have a Brand New Unit shipped out to you as a replacement (usually takes between 4-7 business days to have a new unit on your doorstep and doesn't cost you a dime).

    2. Return the unit and receive a refund. (Refund is issued as the same form of payment as purchased with, Card refunds may take 24-72 hours to reflect in your bank statement.)

    It really is as simple as that!


  27. Okay, so how do I return it for a replacement or a refund?

    Give us a call or e-mail us and let us know what you would like to do and we will get all of the documents from you that we need for the return. You'll need to fax us a signed copy of the Receipt emailed to you at the time of purchase as well as a copy of your Government issued I.D.

    The shipper requires that the ATV or Go Kart have the front wheels removed, the gas must be drained from the gas tank, and the unit must be secured to either a palette or packed inside a crate. It's just the law, these steps MUST BE PERFORMED before we send a truck to your home or business to pick up your unit.

    The shipper will NEVER EVER EVER ask you for payment no matter what the case for the return is. If a driver asks you for a form of payment ask to speak to his supervisor and have someone contact us IMMEDIATLY.


Phone: 612-568-6434

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